One Service…Many Benefits

I will work with your marketing team, or independently evaluate your agency’s work, through a proven methodology of digital channel audits, competitor analysis, performance benchmarking and ROI analysis.

Who Can Benefit from a Digital Marketing Review?

Leadership buy-in is crucial for long-term digital marketing success. Those who will benefit most from an analysis include Company Executives, Business Owners, and Marketing Directors who seek:

  • to confidently make decisions on how to use their online presence to move the business forward
  • a better understanding of their competitor’s digital marketing and own positioning
  • an honest and open analysis of their digital marketing agency’s performance
  • to prioritise digital marketing elements for greatest return
  • confirmation that their digital marketing strategy is effective and in line with company objectives.
A 10 Step Methodology:-

On average, it takes around 2 to 3 weeks to complete a comprehensive review including face-to-face consultations.

The process includes the following:

1. Defining your Digital Goals and Review – to gain a thorough understanding of your business from KPIs through to current challenges

2. Reviewing the Market – includes comprehensive client and market/industry research

3. Data Analysis – drilling into all available data including a Google Analytic audit (or identifying what data you need)

4. Content Evaluation – to determine whether  your content matches your objectives; what is and isn’t working?

5. Competitor Analysis – assessing key competitor online presence and direction

6. Customer and Stakeholder Insights – what’s being said about you?  what keywords are they using? where are they saying it?

7. Influencers in the Market – Where is the greatest opportunity for additional reach?

8. Specific Media and Link Analysis – complete review of your online marketing channels – SEO, Paid Search, Social Media, Email Marketing.

9. Additional Research – Do you have all the legal bases covered?

10. Key Insights – final recommendations

Trusted Guidance and Advice

After this in-depth discovery process, you will receive a debrief presentation outlining key findings, and a detailed report including analytics and competitor analysis.

The end result is an honest measure of your digital presence, areas of focus and a foundation for a successful longer term digital strategy.

You may then choose to have another review on a quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis to reassess action points and progress.

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