How Effective is Your Digital Marketing?

As a business owner or senior executive, you may be experiencing some uncertainty that your digital marketing is not up to scratch – perhaps lagging behind your competitors or providing a poor return on investment… So what should you expect?

An independent digital marketing review provides the data to help you refine your strategy, allocate the right resources, and set the best direction forward with confidence. 

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Do You Have All Your Digital Media Legalities Covered?

It has been a big year of change with new privacy and data protection laws both here and globally impacting Australian businesses. Here’s a checklist of some of the legalities relating to your digital marketing that you need to be aware of. No matter your company’s size or related industry, cyber criminals don’t discriminate in

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Asking the Right Questions About Your Online Channels

As a senior executive or business owner, your competing interests and limited time make it unrealistic for you to be completely au fait with all aspects of your business. And nor should you. You put the trust in the people you have hired–the experts in their fields–to keep you up-to-date with different areas, and alert

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Identifying Influencers For Greater Marketing Leverage

As marketing tools, ‘influencers’ are often associated with being most effective across such industries as fashion, travel, fitness and leisure. Pioneered by the likes of the Kardashians, influencers as we now know, can build a lucrative empire on the back of endorsements, especially those targeting the younger generation. Digital marketers often refer to the 1/9/90

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Know thy Enemy : Competitor Benchmarking

It’s a no-brainer that companies should be on top of what their competitors are up to online. However, for many senior executives or small business owners, this is an area that can easily fall by the way when dealing with the daily fires and other crucial areas of business operations. It’s one thing to acknowledge

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Valuing your Content Marketing

Creating effective digital marketing content is not as easy as many businesses believe. And as such, we still see a ‘Spray and Pray’ marketing approach, whereby content is placed anywhere and everywhere in the hope that somebody notices. They won’t! You need to be accurately delivering your marketing messages directly to the heart of your

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